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                                                      Welcome to Just-RLCraft (Multiverse)!

Features include:
- A large RLcraft world to explore and play on with your friends and Ore's Rest, a world that resets fortnightly (there is never a lack of loot to go around).
- Multiverse events!
- Custom commands to enhance player-ability (/spawn, /rtp, etc.)
- Interactive community with MMO chat. 
- Random Vote rewards!
- Economy!
- Competitions! 
- Grief Protection!
- Discord/in-game chat synronisation! (Private discord/in-game channels for you and your friends!)

Come join us on Just-RLCraft!

Need help installing the mod? 

How we recommend you install RL-Craft: 1. Download Technic Launcher

2. Download Shivaxi RLCraft through Launcher

3. Download Java 64-bit and install (

4. Download curseforge 1.12.2 and install (

5. Go into your Technic Browser and click 'Launcher options' ---> Java Settings ---> Minecraft Java Version (make sure its selected to 64 bit (i.e., Default (64 bit) --> Memory (at least 4gb recommended to have more if your computer can handle it)

6. Once you're in press multiplayer ---> Add a server ---> Place ''  into the IP ---> Press play

7. Check the Shivaxi RLCraft Wiki on instructions on how to play (

If you need any help - hit us up on Discord:


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