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Just-RLCraft Online

Just RL-Craft is exactly what the name suggests... Just RLCraft. This server was made by a couple of mates whose sole purpose is merely survive in this hardcore mode. This server will allow you and your friends to join a hardcore survival RLcraft server and play together - with the possibility of running into other players!

This server will not make use of block protection, it is base RLcraft - that's it. Come join our world and see if you can survive.

Grab some friends and see if you can survive in the world of RLcraft. 

Need help installing the mod? 

How we recommend you install RL-Craft: 1. Download Technic Launcher

2. Download Shivaxi RLCraft through Launcher

3. Download Java 64-bit and install (

4. Download curseforge 1.12.2 and install (

5. Go into your Technic Browser and click 'Launcher options' ---> Java Settings ---> Minecraft Java Version (make sure its selected to 64 bit (i.e., Default (64 bit) --> Memory (at least 4gb recommended to have more if your computer can handle it)

6. Once you're in press multiplayer ---> Add a server ---> Place ''  into the IP ---> Press play

7. Check the Shivaxi RLCraft Wiki on instructions on how to play (

If you need any help - hit us up on Discord:


Players Online

Server Information

Status Online
Version 1.12.2
MOTD Welcome to Just-RLcraft Worlds
Players 5/100