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Welcome! the names Kamikze, and this is my server, named after me. I am in honest need of help, and am going to start a pvp tournament to settle who will be admin mod and whatever. If you want to be admin of a growing (hopefully) server and like to moderate, than go ahead and join! we are in need of 5 builders knowing the commands for world edit, 5 admins who know to treat players in a fun way and spot hackers accurately, including other things, as team leadership. we also need 5 developers who can make ranks and groups as well as set up a economy for the server. And we have a single spot in the moderator section for making sure all the staff are doing there job correctly. All you have to do is join the server every weekend if you want to find me, normally around 7:00-11:30 chicago time. Good luck! and have fun. (IT IS ONLINE DONT TRUST THE OFFLINE BANNER!!!)

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