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For some reson it says the wrong servers motd we are not a pixilmon server we are a kingdoms server 


About Kemist- Kemist is back with a new server and a new gamemode called Kingdoms. There is a new map to explore with your friends or friends you make on the server. We have a great small community of players from our old factions server that are eager to meet new players. Remember to check out our DescriptionKemist is a Kingdoms server with a fresh world to explore and many challenges and new mobs to face. Rise up in the ranks as one to beat all, or rather you can join or create your own group to face the odds and take on other enemy kingdoms. Kemist offers a variety of plugins to provide and assure a genuine RPG environment from new loot to new mobs to complete while growing your kingdom one chunk at a time.

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Status Offline
Version Spigot 1.13.2
MOTD Welcome to KemistKingdoms
Players 0/0
Categories Survival Spigot Whitelist PVP RPG