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Kingdom of Nemesis
Hi and welcome to the Kingdom of Nemesis!We are a quite small Survival-Roleplay-Server with the main-purpose to create a great environment for Survival-Pros and Roleplay-Enthusiasts.Unite with all your friends and form a clan. Level your character and unlock new skills. Build gigantic Mob-farms and epic castles to create the biggest kingdom of the server. Trade with Players, using the playershop, or compete with them in one of the server-events.What we offer:An unique Combination of Plugins and custom commands.A very stable and for farming optimized foundation on which you can unleash your full creativity.A small, but rather competent team, which listens to your issues and supports you.The opportunity to influence the server using a suggestions-plugin.An old-school survival – experience, with own claims and no premade plots to build.Server events where you can win rare items!We are looking forward to see you on our server!

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Kingdom Nemesis