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Prison, Skyblocks, VillageDefence. 1.12.2
We have now changed to a Prison, AskyBlock, and Villagedefence server.

Prison - Everything you would expect from a prison server, rankup, ranks, perks, we also have a custom enchant plugin for pvp. Come and test it out.

SkyBlocks - Everything you would ecpect from a Skyblocks server, custom enchants, Gkits, will be making a pvp areana soon. NPC shops and much more.

VillageDefenc This is a absolute superb fighting game. Protect teh villagers, defend them from wave after wave of Zombies, some with armour, some invisible. Really tests your pvp skills. A must for any pvp'ers...... 


If your looking for a good all round server, then come join us today..........

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Version 1.12.2
MOTD A Minecraft Server
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