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Lands of Wysteria: a world to make friends, fight enemies and craft your own adventure. Start your own town and build it into a city, join with other towns and cities in friendship and create a nation to remember. Choose your own race and fight together with your friends against the evil within this world, forge weapons and armour to defend your towns, your cities, your nations and your world.Features:The Archaeology Game: For the chance to find ancient and powerful weapons and armours.Decorative items: To add a little bit of flavour to your homes and builds.Joke items: For that little bit of light hearted fun we all need from time to time.Custom recipes: For items that are unique to Wysteria found nowhere else.Emotes: Express your feelings though our emote system.Ranks: For items and benefits.Classes system: Combat class system to play to your style.Spells: Don’t like using a bow or a sword Maybe youd enjoy a spell or twoBanking system: Keeping money on hand is great, but putting it in the bank will give you interest.

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Status Offline
Version Spigot 1.12
MOTD So much to discover you are going to lose yourself.
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