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We are a small PVE and PVP server in PVE spawn we have a economy, a bank where you can sell your mined ores, Farmers Market to sell crops, Free public melon farms, and running mcmmo No griefing or hacks are allowed. We run Spigot based PVE survival server. But this is far from vanilla. This is a fairly small server where everyone is quite helpful. We have a large variety of Plugins ranging from protecting your land, animals, and self to mods that make the game more challanging, as well as an economy fueled by users buying and selling to eachother. We highly encourage towns and user built things. Check out our forums for more information at We look forward to meeting you! New servers added check the forums at for ips and info

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Status Offline
Version Spigot 1.13.2
MOTD Lets Build Crap Survival Be sure to join our forum for updates and info!
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