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LostCraft Reborn
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LostCraft Reborn is a relatively new factions minecraft server with a small but growing playerbase, a dedicated admin, excellent hardware and connection speeds, and an old school feel with modern features. Our goal is to create a unique play experience specifically for older players who have grown tired of large networked servers where they get lost in the mix. While we have many features and fun additions, we cater specifically to a survival style with factions integrated into the server and nothing more. Drop by and check us out!


Player Run Economy - Personal Shops at our shop district

Realistic Seasons - add to the atmosphere of LCR.

Rankup system - based purely on time played and in game currency. No donation system exists. This server will never be p2win


Duels System


Brewery - adds dozens of drinkable alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages

And so so much more...

With a website at, a discord available at, and more ways to stay connected coming soon, we are looking to build a community that extends beyond a simple minecraft server! Drop by and check us out!

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Version Paper 1.18.2
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