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M8Server Online
M8 Server! :D (Use 1.19.3)

We are a small, friendly, international, young community running a semi-vanilla 1.19.2 Minecraft server that everyone can join! What we offer:

  • Both a survival ("SMP") and a creative world. (A minigames/event world is planned for the future!)
  • A set of datapacks and gameplay tweaks for some variety. It includes: Bigger cliffs, smaller bioms, much more structures, extra crafting recpies, more powerful TNT, creepers and minecarts.
  • A unique ruleset including both friendly community regions and semi-anarchy regions for intense PVP in the same survival world!
  • World maps that are available,
  • A full world download in case the server ceases operation. Don't worry about losing your builds!
  • A friendly community with active, fair/mature moderation and no griefing or cheats.
  • Our Discord lounge: (Notes: The lounge is mirrored into the game, joining it is not a prerequisit.)
  • Currently no whitelisting so you can just check by easily. If we get overrrun by bad actors this may change but then there will be an easy way for everyone to join back unburocratically.
  • Much more details can be found at our homepage:

We are looking forward to see you!

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Version Velocity 1.7.2-1.19.3
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Categories Survival Vanilla No Whitelist Creative SMP Java 1.19.2 New