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Missing in Action...A wildly generous perks SMP server with Survival, Creative and Skyblock.Please note, many listeners for player events handle many other reactions based on jobs levels. Some of these events represent the effects of many other small plugins.This is not Skript. This is the far more powerful Magicspells ♥ PLEASE MAKE YOURSELF WELCOME(,(')(') port required. Dedicated IP.24gb EU Hosted.Server Details Survival, Creative, Industry, Magic, PvP(optional), Economy, Freebuild, Skyblock1.17.160+ plugins with 100s of virtual plugins. Massive access.Relaxed staff, easy survival game variables, Creative world for all.SILK SPAWNERSAll ranks can place and pick up all spawner types. (Ghast etc)Spawners and many egg types can be sold or bought at admin shop.All spawners are available. Custom spawners also. (Witch, golem etc)Spawners are very valuable/tradeable and can be won sometimeswith votes. Certain skills with a bow can 1 hit kill mobs with bloodparticles, bones and bits splash + the target mob's soul is also captured.(Soul is a Mob type relevant useable / sellable mob egg.)MAGIC SPELLSOver 1100 spells loaded 450 custom items. 5 stats to track.Automatically granted, learn, unlock with jobs or buy.Spells normally have required costs,cooldowns and other world variables./c show to see what abilities you know.(100s.. messy! Most are passive skillsor are on certain items as useable skills)MagicSpells allows to paint massive amount of variables, modifiersand event listeners, responders and utilities in game. We did.TOWNYAll ranks have MANY personal claims also.Some personal claims can be subdivided intoplots effectively replicating a town./ps allow playername while standing in a plotgives edit access to only the plot inside your mainprotectionSKYBLOCKIridium SkyblockAll players can /islandPrices for sell have been increased from defaults byabout 500% allowing for better economy access.Skyblock worlds have seperate inventory and economyfrom Survival worlds. Slimefun is for Survival worlds only.RANKSRanks are automatic via time, cash, items or events.18 player ranks. (Autorank) Various things in the worldand votes can add bonus time to your game played./ar check or /rankup You can auto rank up to generousperks staff here. The entire groups permissionsis viewable in game via a link that will not be posted here :D/motd permissions for the :O shocka massive permissions list./rankup or /ar check for rankup up status, terms.SLIMEFUN700+ items including 7 x 1.16.5 SF Addons.No items are disabled. Check plugins list below.ENJOY SLIMEFUN. Exp supply on overload dynamism!You unlock SF here lightning fast via jobs player exp.A massive admin shop department supports all sales buy/sellfor 100s of SF items. You can make mega monies here with SF.Industrialists and geeky players may be randomly hugged by theserver owner or kicked and punched hard depending on how laggy /efficient their industrial site is. Please enjoy the madness amountof custom crafting, smelting and machines we have here withoutcreating any lag. Cargo and Androids are not disabled but require aLevel IV certificate of player excellence + rank to unlock.Gained from earning staff respect/trust.For ultra fast Slimefun Databases all ExoticGarden plants except ore plantsare regularly wiped from the database and you can trade the CSCorelib skullsin for normal SF Exotic Garden fruits / veg at one of our custom trades villagersat admin shop. This way you can spam them decoratively NP withoutganking the speed of Slimefun's machines/utilities,energy node databases.KK? No loss. Just faster. All losses due to unexpected glitches in Slimefunare recorded and will be refunded/replaced NP. You will not lose anythingdue to server performance/admin/owner/staff ignornace here without itbeing replaced free.JOBS10 jobs 100s of paid events. The most gigawatts jobs ever made?Pays PLAYER EXP which can be sold via signs. The ratio isjust a bit better than the standard payments and yet ultra fast.We added 20+ custom smelts to the 100s of paid events for jobs.You can dig, chop, fish, break, kill your way to lvl 500+ or whatever.Some eyebrow raising OP fun abilities require player level to activate.Jobs here grants a very different gameplay. Infused with 100sof abilities and passive magic / energy skills unlocked with higher job levels.Jobs pay player exp, lots. Sell exp for cash at admin shop..Massive Exp. /jobs join jobname /jobs browse /jobs statsSmelting here is madness hyper fast. Custom smelts playsound effects and particles in furnaces.Example: Take one super fly Carbonado Furnace andthen add EnchantedFurnace plugin (we did.. you'll love it)Enchant the furnace so it has efficiency. Whole stack in few secondsand no exp/bonus smelts lost. Hoppers transfer a tiny bitfaster than vanilla settings and also at 4 items a time.On Piper Survival, Jobs is well worth grinding.CLAIMSPRECIOUS STONES - TOWNYHermit Friendly! Every player starts with a max of 10 personalclaim stones with an increasing radius on each.Ranks increase size, type, effects and optionsfor our 30+ Precious Stones type claims. /ps info/myps list shows all claims you own. Indexed list./myps tp id (id is the index number of that claim)This means all your claim stones should be placedcarefully as you can all use them as personal warps.SNEAK place all claims. You can reuse them by breaking andsneak place again elsewhere. You can also upgrade them ormerge them with other claims to make bigger claims.Protecting Slimefun blocks? Use your personal claims.In those areas your machine inventories are safe.Precious Stones has about 200 field flags.Extremely generous and advanced protection!all upgradeable, craftable, sellable, buyable.check out the custom giant menu in a menu in a menu thing.../menuMCMMOAlchemy with hoppers, Earn skill exp near spawners,Archane Forging Bypass all on. Increased max treefellersize and more tweaks for ++ gameplay.All ranks level MCMMO at same speed.ZENCHANTMENTS90+ custom enchantments applied automaticallyvia standard enchanting. Mad enchantments.STORAGEPlayerVaults and /enderchest is accessed fromthe start. /pv 1+2 starter rank. You can alsouse the many backpacks that Slimefun comes with.Your pets at unlock 6 rows of inventory and have an auto pickup items skill.Your pet can be set to "farm" mode inside a grinder and can also keep it tidy.Slimefun Barrels can store a MILLION+ stacks and work with cargo.UNLIMITED LWC PROTECTIONSOnly some LWC locks are auto locks. (Furnaces, enderchest, trapped chest etc)Example. Place a door, /lock or /cpublic then hit the door. Lock applied.Now /lwc flag autoclose on and hit any locked door/trapdoor. 3 second auto close.Locked Iron door/iron trapdoor can be left click opened which is handy, no levers etc.Place a chest and /lwc flag magnet on at a grinder/farm loot collection point.The chest will automatically pick up all items in a 5 block radius. Tidy :DConsidering the 5x5x5 magnet chest radius with hoppers instead? Is also faster :DFREEDOM TRAVEL + HOMESAnyone can /c worlds to open up a chest type interface.Many biome warps or do /rtp every 30 sec all worlds.Many speed options. /warp. Enjoy SF Elytra rocket speed./rtp has a tiny cooldown. No cooldown /back at all ranks.You have an ability that can mark a location and thenteleport to it at any time.All personal claims (Precious Stones) are also personal teleports/homes./myps list/myps tp idJust place your claim stones safely for teleporting to else you'llteleport into solod rock or whatever! Careful where you place them if intent to/myps tp 25 etcECONOMYMassive freedom ecconomy options. Megamonies.There is absolutely no attempts to limit how much moneyyou can make on this server. /sell hand/all nearly allminecraft items where those items are not your diamond gear, bows,slimefun items and other /worth items. You can still sell theseitems manually in our massive admin shop. Prices are decentand shops have matching /worth values. Sell Exp!For now we also have CrazyAuctions (Not listed above)do /ah to see/buy/bid in this cool aution interface.This will never be removed while it has active listings.????RULES????Keep your chat, conduct and gameplay withinstandard public server common sense rules.Just check the /rules in game, thanks.Malicious players or rather, abrasive attitude playersare very quickly banned here. Thanks, but no thanks!Griefing and raiding builds is permitted. Optional Sport. Not Malice.Trying to create a nice place to play, not going to tolerateany attempt to spoil that! Thanks for understanding.As a rule, please do not publicly chat about the followingpotentially provocative topics.Politics. No.Sexuality. Nope.Religion. Nu uh.War, News Etc. Grrrr! No thanks.Racism. OMG Why!?Please use common sense and manners when considering other thingsnot to chat about. Thank you much! You can swear here without a ban but pleasedo ..not. Chat abuse makes you not welcome. Please make yourself welcome?OPTIONAL PVP HERE. /PVP ON | /PVP OFF ANY TIME OUTSIDE CLAIMS.Aslo, PvP is on outside claims. There is no drop exp/items on death. Everyone can /back.PvP rewards include custom drops, a constant score, in game currency and more.Some other misc rules.You can use X-Ray legitly and without a ban here but you better read /rules first. = NP but rather you dont.Autoclickers may effect your gameplay here alot. Please do not use them here. = NP but rather you dont.Speed hacking is considered rude more than it is cheating here, please do not. = Likely ban and sad face.Client side mods that alter gameplay or add abilities are not at all welcome. = Likely ban without warn.Abusing chat access with disgusting facepalmable content. = Full Terminator Mode! Destroy! Destroy!!Please notify chat at 3m intervals if you are streaming your gameplay for any reason. Ty for your polite consideration.Sometimes server blocks hacked clients on/off weekly.Creative world has some item/block limitations to prevent troll-face legion and chums having too much fun...STAFF RESERVE THE RIGHT TO EAT NASTY PLAYERS. ALIVE.LOGGING AND ROLLBACKASSURANCE AND CONTROLSome player ranks can /co i (enter inspect mode.)/co i (again to exit inspect mode.)While inspecting you can see whoplaced, broke, accessed, updatedor used any block that has a log.Staff are able to roll back any grief/theft in most cases.Quite complex and specifically target rolbackscan be done by ALL members using /c menurollback.Has a cooldown. Several modes. Enjoy.Precious Stones entry, use without permissionand other blockplace/break/use alerts are on.Always protect your builds. Many claim types./motd rollbackminers/motd rollbackbuilders^ For huge block lists covered by your rollback abilities.Yes read again all ranks can periodically roll back their own stuff minedor built with various templates for no cost except a cooldown and a smile.Medium + ranks can place a claim stone that allows grief but rolls back whatothers broke periodically.(Handy for your public farms, town mines, factions gankable builds etc. )The server is focused on sustainable harvesting and gives players the optionof restoring what they mined, chopped, harvested and more. (Gathered blocks.)The server is also happy to allow players to roll back what they built with thesame template time durations but with non mined blocks instead. (Build blocks)Basically? You have full history control over almost everything you break and place in all worlds.DYNMAP If there was a typo please report the bug. TY for reading! ♥

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