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greetings and welcome to our server page, macaroni-land is yet another new geyser survival server in a sea of other ones neverthelesshere we are, now we got fairly simple stuff like large biomes, a low theme basically wanna make a town go nuts wanna make a faction and pillage the lands that's great legit do what you do, just don't break the like 4-5 rules we have which are legit just to help with the clowns you know no spamming no script clients stuff like that, currently we don't have much up but we do have a very small shop at spawn so that's cool now planned you know mini-games think spleef, some pvp gamemode's stuff like that among other little trinkets, now currently we have the following♠ a simple shop at spawn♠ large biomes world gen like they be big♠ a spawn warp along with tpa and a beacon based teleport system for fast travel♠ the frog(cool)♠ and custom music disks(no pack download required)so yes if you would like to give us a shot heres the info to join if your bedrock? IP and PORT 25984 and java is also if wanted discord's #2 thanks for reading and we hope to see you on thank you and have a great day.

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Version Paper 1.19.2
Players 1/20
Categories Survival Factions PVP SMP bedrock Java 1.19