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========-[MadHouse Links]-========Website: www.madhouseminers.comDiscord (Vanilla): (Modded):[MadHouse Vanilla]-========Madhouse is a multi-server network involving Vanilla servers also modded!We have a wide range of servers that at listed below.All our servers have custom plugins and are also updated on every stable update.Servers:[Factions][Kitpvp][SkyWars][Survival][Monthly UHC Events]========-[MadHouse Modded]-========The Modded commumity also has a awesome selection of servers to choose from!Servers:[ResonantRise4][DireWolf20][Farming Valley][SkyFactory3][Hardcore Questing Pack] (Reset regular)[FTB beyond] (Coming soon!)We also have our own custom modpack.[MadHouse Madpack]

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Status Offline
Version MadHouse S1 1.7.x-1.12.x
MOTD MadHouse [1.8-1.12] A Vanilla Games Server.
Players 0/0
Categories Survival Spigot Factions KitPvP Skywars