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Megido: Abyss Online
Megido: Abyss
>> Megido: Abyss || << >> RPG - Soulslike - Metroidvania <<
Megido: Abyss is a nonlinear, soulslike adventure RPG serverEnjoy challenging, high-stakes stamina based combat in a nonlinear metroidvania styled interconnected world. Challenge merciless enemies, hostile environments, and deadly bosses.?Engage in cooperative play with up to 2 other players, or turn your sword against your kind by engaging in PvP invasions.Use hundreds of unique weapons and spells and customize your playstyle. Leave messages in the world to help (or hinder) other players.Unravel the mysteries of the abyss.

Players Online

Server Information

Version Paper 1.12.2
Players 1/48
Categories Spigot No Whitelist PVE PVP RPG Adventure Roleplay