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Mianite Realm | McMMO | Roleplay | PvP | 1.8 Combat Offline
Mianite Realm | McMMO | Roleplay | PvP | 1.8 Combat
Welcome to Mianite Realm!A unique roleplay expierence with McMMO, PvP, and Community Quests. We have been up for nearly 3 years and plan on being around for a bit longer. We have friendly staff and dedicated players. Upon joining the server you will choose which god you wish to follow. There are three gods to choose from:Mianite:Mianite, the older brother of Dianite and Ianite, is the God of grace and all things good. His castle and home is located in the Overworld. Mianite is friendly and helpful but he will defend him and his followers if neededIanite:Ianite, the sister of Mianite and Dianite, is the God of balance and all things equal. Her palace is located in her Homeland, the End. She will remain neutral with everyone unless forced to do otherwise.Dianite:Dianite, the brother of Mianite and Ianite, is the God of immorality and evil. He is the ruler of the Nether and is only kind and loyal to his followers.LinksStore: www.mianiterealm.comTS3:

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