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MidvitMC - 1.19.2 - Java/Bedrock

????? Custom Map - Tired of the same old biomes and villages? Explore a new land and discover a large variety of structures, towns and dungeons.
?? Semi-PVP - Farm, build and trade by day. Fight your neighbors by night! PvP is only active during the night.
???? Jobs & Employment Shop - Earn money and points, and buy relevant equipment. Sell your excess supplies at the server shop.
???? Player Shops & Auction House - Buy and sell using NPCs.
???? Factions - Claim your land, protect your buildings and expand over time.
???? Economy - Everything gives you money, spend a ‘lil.

???? We are completely open to ideas and will try to incorporate anything that matches the server vibe.

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Votes 25
Version Purpur 1.19.2
Players 2/100
Categories Factions PVP bedrock Java 1.19