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[?1.16.5] Semi-Vanilla Java Edition (U.S based)

Up-time: 24/7

Cracked: Allowed

Languages: English, Korean, and help me to add more

Difficulty: Hard?
Inventory Save: X
PVP: Partially allowed

Grief: Can be protected if you claim chunks

Who should play this server?

- You are sick of amateur administrators

The server is trying to build a robust system that doesn't require administrator supervision; you are solely responsible for protecting your own properties, and we do not interfere to stop you from griefing other players if they did not protect their own properties. Imagine it as a Realm server!

- The economy based on the real-world free-market system

Stock trading has been a hot potato these days, and I wanted to have that system within the game and simulate the real-world free-market system based on what I learned from Economics class! There is a total of 128 'virtual' bots waiting to trade items with users or even to trade items with themselves! You may check the price offered to buy/sell by using the /price command.

In the free market system, the trade only occurs when the buyer and the seller agree on the price. We, the server, don't decide the price. Though, you never know if you have traded the items with the bots or the real people!

We are still testing the plugin, and if we are confident that it is working as our intention, we will completely disable the villager trades at the end.

- Hard difficulty/ No inventory saves

The true fun of Minecraft is to fight against the unseen dangers and survive! so we decided to set the difficulty Hard and disabled the inventory save.

- Custom made RPG plugin

Though, usually, people find Hard difficulty + No inventory saves a difficult combination, so we created a custom RPG plugin that will help you to survive. Try /rpg command for details; you can level up simply by gathering the naturally dropped exp from any resources like monsters, blocks, etc.

- Duh, I hate vanilla

We have a Skyblock server available using the exact same economic system, so try that out.

- Multi-national server

We are aiming to have a variety of user bases, and currently, we support both English and Korean support. If you have any other language that wants us to support, please let us know.

Still too much!

Please use /m command in-game. This will provide you the all-in-one GUI to help you get used to all of the commands available.

Still, have questions?

My Discord DM: wysohn#1933

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