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Millcreek Online

Semi-Vanilla Java Edition (U.S based)


Up-time: 24/7


Cracked: Allowed


Languages: English, Korean, and help me to add more


Inventory Save/PVP: Partially allowed


Grief: Can be protected if you claim chunks


Minimal plugins to keep it as vanilla as possible.


Economy system run by users, not by server.


No cheats! Though admins do not care whatever you do unless you are abusing the system.

Players Online

Server Information

Status Online
Version §f§a>§b>§c> §r§6§l[§r§c§l0§r§7/§c§l-1§r§6§l]
MOTD §aMillcreek §7§l| §b1.16.5 §7§l| §6Survival §f+ §6Economy §7>§f§l Langs §8: §7[§fEN§7, §f한§7]
Players 999/1000
Categories Survival Spigot No Whitelist PVE PVP Towny