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MindEdge - great community - friendly staff
MindEdge Factions The possibilities are endless. IP: Introduction:At MindEdge we want to bring you an as fun as possible faction experience, with a small amount of plugins. Our staff is very friendly, we listen to suggestions by players, and our main concern is YOUR fun. We do not use economy because this will make it a challenge to build a big kingdom for your faction. You wiill have to work together with other players to survive as a faction in this harsh battlefield. Features: I will list some of the awesome features that MindEdge has here. Factions You will never be bored because the battle between factions, is always going on. /tpa and /sethome commands enabled: We think friends should be able to teleport to eachother so they can make progress and build their base together. You can always get back to your base easely by typing /sethome and than using /home to teleport to your home location. 24/7 uptime, no lag: We are running on a 3.5gb RAM paid hosting server, so there will never be any downtime, or lag. Simple rules: MindEdge is not giving you a huge book of rules, we want you to have as much fun as possible, the rules are listed below. And many many more! Rules: Do not spam the chat. Respect other players. Do not flame in the chat. No racism. I hope to see you soon, on MindEdge! Tags: Factions, no economy

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