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MineDownUnder Online
Welcome to Mine Down Under! Survival-Crossplay-Friendly-SemiVanilla-Australian
An Australian Survival Server, with crossplay compatibility with Java and bedrock. This server is very friendly, and is semi-vanilla. You can use /RTP when you spawn, to get teleported to wilderness. There is also a market area where you can rent a shop for selling items to other players. There are some plugins for convenience and Quality-of-Life, such as Sleepmost, Dynmap, TreeAssist, Griefprevention, and ChestShop. Bedrock players can connect with's also some NPCs living in the spawn hub, who offer small quests for in-game currency rewards, and I'm working on adding more.We have also have a discord community to go with the server at rules are pretty basic, no griefing, no excessive profanity, no cheating.

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Version BungeeCord 1.8.x-1.19.x
Players 9/69
Categories Survival Spigot SMP bedrock Java