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Minecraft Menace Survival and Creative Online

Join our tightknit community of young and adult players and make new friends! Players are always looking out for each other. Build in three survival (easy, normal, hard) or creative worlds. We have an expansive spawn point, online server map (Dynmap), custom ranks, grief protection, robust trading post, economy system, jobs to earn XP and in-game money, randomly spawning dungeons, and weekly events.

The server owners are always adding new features and expanding the game. Jump in, stake out some land, and make friends! Join us on Discord too:

• Survival (multiple maps)
• Creative
• Dungeons
• Custom Ranks
• Dynmap
• Loot Crates
• Grief Protection
• Economy and Jobs
• Team Building
• Custom Commands

We look forward to playing with you!

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Status Online
Version Paper 1.17.1
MOTD Menacecraft Survival [1.9-1.17.1] Survival | Creative | Oneblock | McMMO | Crates | Jobs
Players 2/80
Minecraft Menace