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NCC-74656 is a community-based server that has pretty much everything for your needs.
You can play regular PVE Survival or raid other people in PVP survival.
If you are into creative gameplay, then you can create epic builds on Creative with the help of World Edit.
Earn ingame money by doing varius jobs, selling items or by completing achievements.
Use the money to buy new ranks which gives you access to features on so on.
Customize your character with almost a 1000 different cosmetics.
If you ever get bored, participate in numerous mini-games such as SkyBlock, Paintball and so on.
We guarantee you a nice experience in our server.

Welcome to NCC!

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Status Offline
Version §7§l0§a/§7§l100
MOTD >> Gates of Aevony << |Survival|Cosmetics|Guns|Minigames
Players 0/0
Categories Survival Skyblock Factions Minigames McMMO PVE Creative Skywars