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No Hacking! Anarchy 24-7! Plug-in Heaven! Anti-CheatMineCraft Anarchy Server! Created 17/01/2022! Owner - RealQualityyNo hacking is allowed on this server! We have a Anti-Cheat running that will detect hacks or Hacked clients! & auto ban is enabled so you will be instantly banned if found hacking! Play fair it is minecraft only use proper Minecraft clients either Java or Bedrock nothing else ;)We are a plugin heaven. I try to add as many request from our players but obvs we are keeping it anarchy! Only places that are protected is spawn and arenas! Players cannot claim land or build protect! Hide you loot and set some traps for greifers.---Some Features---- Have /Home teleports including /Spawn- Anti-Cheat software to catch anyone using hacks or a hacked client! *Don't test it you will get banned & there is no unban for hacking*- 24/7 Casino! Including Roulette tables, Slots, Blackjack and much more!- Chat filters to keep chat clean and family friendly as possible.- Economy system to become the richest in the server!- Discord connect to the server so you dont miss nothing- Shop which can be opened from anywhere on the map- Duels arena, Where you create the rules!- Emerald tools! Because what else can you do with them?- We even have Fast Food on our server! Mcd, KFC & more!- Cross-Play is enabled play on anything! Pc, Xbox, Ps4, Switch & Mobile!- Jobs earn cash and make $$$$- & Alot more but your going to have to come check it out for yourself ;) This is a ANARCHY Server! DO NOT! try to damage the server in anyway will result in perma ban! *Meaning no Ddos attacks or anything on the server network* Anything destroyed in the World is ok!Staff List *Edited 18/01/2022*Owner - FB_D_GamingCo-Owner - ItzThorYTServer is Hosted By ApexHosting! Server Uptime will stay 99.9%!Thank you for reading! Hope to see you in the server! Take Care!Online Players - Last 24 hours

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