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•゚.*・。゚✴ Neriko MC ✴゚.*・。゚• [1.12-1.19] Donor Ranks / In Game Ranks

????We are proudly to announce you that we have launched our NEW PAID Server ???? ??????Works 24/7 online and lag free?????? ????


? Java? 

Server IP ?

???? Bedrock???? 

IP ?
Port ?  19132

 ???? -=NerikoSMP-Beta Test=- ???? ????This includes: ????1: Faction World????2: Chill World???? ????More Details??????Server has now better anti cheat, anti toolbox??Server has now better commands that player can use /home /tpa /sell /balance /baltop??Commands that they can be able to protect their buildings by /claim??Mobs still moving same as vanilla server??Both Java and Bedrock players can join the server??Caves N Cliffs??Money economy /money /bal /balance??Shops- chest shops - sign shops??Timber??CrossPlay??Auction??Lottery??LAG FREE??Discord Supports?? T-Launcher works??Voice Proximity - Need to be discord linked??Well managed??NOT WHITELISTED??Active Owner??Donator Perks??No more google formsand many more ??[IMPORTANT]??We also wanna make sure that you are not gonna get banned for NOT following the rules so just send a msg on this page so you can have a better view of the server.

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Version §7[§x§c§9§0§a§b§d1.12§7-§x§8§a§0§0§8§11.19§7]
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