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Thank you for checking my post. NeuroSpicy is a new Fabric whitelisted server specializing in vanilla plus play for the alphabet mafia, and the neurodivergent (autism, ADHD, and all the other). I want the server to be as safe and secure as possible in both atmosphere and server security. We will have a short one question application, then whitelisted server access.Features• Friendly and accepting of LGBTQIA+, Neurodivergent, and kink. Owner is all of those, don't mess with Woden's people.• Fast Leaf Decay• Graves• Inventory Sorter button• Minecart Booster (minecarts go zooom)• Styled Chat• Yung's better desert temples, dungeons, mineshafts, strongholds, and extras• Anti creeper/ghast/enderman grief• Hermitcraft Armor statues• Awesome Dungeons in all 3 dimensions• Better Villages• Double shulker shells• Fancier Mansions• Multiplayer sleep• New End Cities, Igloos, Ocean Ruins, Ruined Portals, Pillager Outposts• Pillager Strongholds• Terracotta & Redstone Turning "Wrenches"• Player/animal Head Drops• Western Towns• The Merchant (a better wandering trader)• 100s of Advancements• Ability to suggest and vote on stuff for the next season Technical• Fabric Server, bring on the working redstone that PaperMC can't get correct!• Some server side performance boosting mods• 29 data packs• 10 server side mods to enjoy• Chunk pregeneration up to 7k out in both overworld and nether Rules:• No Griefing• No Stealing• No PVP without consent• No Spam• No hacks or exploits• Be respectful• 18+

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Version 1.19
Players 2/20
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