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New Briterica

New Briterica has been created as the hype of the new origins mods in the streamer community has become greater. Me, my friends and family have all wanted to play this type of server before.

As a whole we want to have the most enjoyable experience as possible and with any servers like this we need the players.At the moment the server consists of about 14 origin characters and 9 classes that you can choose from. It is a normal survival built on the latest 1.17 Minecraft. And many other great quality of life features ready for you to be yourself.This is overall a server in its baby phase there is still teething issues. I will always address issues as soon as possible.Mods will always be players of the game i myself will be playing on the server with no op abilities (I have 2 accounts) 

The following URLs will help you understand what mods are on this Fabric 1.17 server:


And many more, these above are just the main highlights, if interested please join the discord to find out how to install the correct mods onto your fabric installer.


Technic Install

Make sure you have the Technic Installer downloaded

Open up the modpacks part of the TLauncher, 

Search for "New Briterica"

Select Install.

Before "playing" make sure the Launcher options are set to 64bit Java 16 + ... 4GB of ram is advised but only a recommendation 2GB min.

Select Play.

Add Connection:


Choose a race and class.

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