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Version: 1.13

Who are we and what do we bring to the table?

We are NewDawnMC a fun family friendly server run by a dedicated team that aim to provide the best experience for our players. We provide this experience with many plugins ranging from economy, jobs, cosmetics and protection that balance the experience out, there's always something to do on our server like collecting the many cards we have or building a collection of heads. We have the towny plugin installed to bring the community together this allows you to show off your builds and help out your fellow towns people.We have a wonderful player base that are always willing to help and provide you with all the support you may need. We have a dedicated build team that bring our ideas to life run by the amazing Head-Builder Darthred who puts large amounts of time into his builds to provide us with a nice server to play on, Our staff team strive to bring the server into the new age enforcing ourrules to ensure that every player has the best experience from our Dev/Owner Deane who provides us with the plugins necessary for all players to enjoy the experience and staff to protect the experience. Our wonderful community strive for a great community based on friendship and are always happy to accept new members to the family.

What plugins do we offer?

On NewDawnMC we offer a wide verity of plugins aimed at giving you the best experience you can have from our protection plugins including Towny and LWC which provide us with our land and chest protection, to our economy run and set around our jobs plugin which provide us with abalanced set of jobs that provide cash for a job well done or our shops plugin that allow you to sell items to players and provide a service to the server.OurCosmetics provide the fun side of the server so there is always something to do they include a cards plugin based on the mobs in the game but they also provide us with player cards so there are always cards out there to collect, we also have a head databse that provides us with hundreds of heads at the low prices of $100igc. We also provide a pets plugin that allows you to have a companion on your travels around our server.

Our server structure

We provide a strong structure for our server made up from a wide range of people of all ages, though we only accept applicants to our staff team from the ages 16+. We provide the community with both free and paid ranks that are all obtainable on the server that help provide us with abalance of features to offer to the community.

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Version Spigot 1.13.2
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