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NewEarth Anarchy - No Admins - Custom Plugins Offline
NewEarth Anarchy  Welcome to NewEarth Anarchy! The server with no Rules, Plugins*, or Administration! Players will find a Semi-Vanilla like experience here with random XYZ Location respawns and no administration! That's right, no more getting told you can't build gigantic cobblestone dicks outside of spawn and no more getting kicked for calling LilDudeIssac a fucking retard!With 5GB of dedicated DDR3 Ram, XEON Processors, 1GB Uplink, and SSD Storage, You'll never worry about lagging out into a pit of lava!Join today at to begin your journey!

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Status Offline
Version Spigot 1.13.2
MOTD NewEarth > Now Featuring 512x512 Survival!
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Categories Survival