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NorwegianPVP is restarting today, 6th of october 2017, and has gone back to the basics: pvp, killing and griefing, (almost) everything is allowed! The server is upgraded to 1.12.2 but older clients also work.

When you join you get a small amount of ingame money, and a startkit to get you going. Use the wilderness-teleporter in spawn to get far away from others and start building your base. Hide it well, and protect it with the help of towny. Be warned, the use of TNT and placing of wines and ladders are not preventable with towny.

You earn ingame money by killing other players, by killing mobs, by selling stuff in the shop.

The bonus for voting is diamonds. Use of hacked/modified clients and other cheats, including for example x-ray and killaura, is not allowed and will be punished hard. Read the /rules when you log on.

Plugins installed on the server include Towny, McMMO, KillerMoney, SlimeChunkDetector, LWC, Essentials, SilkSpawner...

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Status Offline
Version Spigot 1.11.2
Players 0/0