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NorwegianPVP, the survival PVP-server where "everything" is allowed. That is, we do have some rules, but killing others and griefing, and being annoying to other players is legal...When you join you get a small amount of ingame money, and a startkit to get you going. Use the wilderness-teleporter in spawn to get far away from others and start building your base. Hide it well, and protect it with the help of towny. Be warned, the use of TNT and placing of wines and ladders are not preventable with towny on this server. Also, there is a map at where other players can look for visible structures on the surface, and when moving around in the open in daytime, others can see where you are unless you sneak.You earn ingame money by killing other players, by killing mobs, by getting a job and work for a living (use /jobs) and merely by spending time on the server. The bonus for voting is diamonds. Nice to have to get diamond armor and tools early.The spawn area features pvp-arenas, mob-arena, different parkor-tasks (in the fountain and to the top of the pvp-globe, you get emeralds when you finish them), different shops to buy and sell stuff, a bar and a café, a bank with an ATM to deposit or withdraw money, and a court and jails where you might end up if you break the rules ;-)If you break the rules you might also get the "job" Criminal. But do not despair, by fishing and doing other honest work you can earn enough points to be allowed to change back to an honest line of work.The use of hacked/modified clients and other cheats, including for example x-ray and killaura, is not allowed and will be punished hard. Read the /rules when you log on.Plugins installed on the server include Towny, McMMO, Dynmap, KillerMoney, TimeIsMoney, SlimeChunkDetector, LWC, Essentials, SilkSpawner, ChestShop, Jobs, ... and some more.

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Version Spigot 1.11.2
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Categories Survival Spigot McMMO PVE PVP Economy Parkour Towny