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OlympiaEarth Online
OlympiaEarth [1.13-1.19.2] Towny Earth 1:326

Olympia Earth - Latest version (currently 1.17.1) - Minecraft Earth 1:500 scale - Flying glow squids for that magical experience - Towny, with wars, and geopolitical environment - Focus is more community and build related, with pvp laced between - Java (1.9-1.17.1) + bedrock support (latest) - Resource world for all your gathering needs - Creative world for your testing and building pleasures - Community ran feedback and engagement with staff - Weekly changes and monthly updates - Consistent 20 TPS (no lag) and almost no downtime - Friendly server, suitable for players of all ages

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Version §c OlympiaEarth requires a client of 1.13+
Players 0/60
Categories Survival McMMO PVE PVP RPG Economy Towny Roleplay