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OptimumPvP [Factions, Mcmmo, Custom Enchants] Online
OptimumPvP [Factions, Mcmmo, Custom Enchants]

Optimum PVP Factions Server1.8.9 Server IP: Optimum PVP is going to be the ultimate PVP faction server in Minecraft but we need your help in order to make this possible. A current work in progress, Optimum PVP is being worked on diligently and is expanding continuously. We are currently in beta working on terrain building, buildings, plugins, spawn layout, and overall server layout. What we are looking for right now is people just like you to help test out the server as beta testers and to give feedback on the server on what we have done now to help improve the players experience, to have a fun time, and for you to of course have loads of fun playing. There may be bugs, errors, glitches, and exploits but that is part of why we need you to find them and report them to the staff to make sure the server runs perfectly at launch. Oh, and did we mention, you get rewarded with ranks that include extra perks and kits that will be exclusive to beta testers?  Our server includes:- Factions- MCMMO- Enormous Unique PVP area outside of spawn- Survival- Mob Arena- Auction House- Casino Slots- CrateKeys (Vote Chests)- Custom Enchants- Player Heads- Time is Money- Obsidian Destroyer- Wild TP- Votifier- Silk Spawners Website:

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