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Economy - Farm, mine, craft or obtain resources to resell at the playershop and accumulate in-game money. That money of course can be used to purchase other things from the store. Jobs - Join a trade and earn money for doing certain things such as building, farming, mining or breeding. McMMO - Gain XP and level up skills such as but not limited to Acrobatics, Mining, Excavation, Unarmed, Woodcutting, Alchemy, Archery, Axes, Fishing, Herbalism, Repair, Swords and Taming. SilkSpawners - Even default players can collect monster spawners from dungeons using any Silk Touch enchanted pickaxe! Create the ultimate XP Grinding machine! Our servers can handle it. DynMap - Check out a live map of the server! Click Here! GriefPrevention - Claim your own property using the golden "claim tool". (Type "/claims" for in-game help.) XP Bottler - Click any emerald block while holding a glass bottle to store experience via bottles o' enchanting. Animal Grinder - Get free food and XP at spawn! DeathChests - Sick of losing your items to ClearLag, lava or other players when dying?  Worry no more! When you die, you deploy a DeathChest to save your inventory, giving you one hour to retrieve your items. Rules: 1. Use common sense. If you aren't sure whether something is against the rules or not, ask around or avoid doing it.2. Refrain from swearing too frequently.3. Avoid being toxic in general. Just pretend your mom is watching over your shoulder, this is most likely the case concerning the common age group that this game attracts. Adults are expected to act like adults.4. Do NOT be offensive in chat. Being racist and edgy to provoke a response from people in chat just makes you look like a doofus who is too young to play Minecraft.5. Absolutely NO Griefing. Griefing is the act of irritating and angering people in video games through the use of destruction, construction, or social engineering. Disciplinary action will be taken against those who exploit claims or grief others.6. Hacking, X-Ray, unauthorized texture packs or mods allowed are strictly forbidden. Any offenders will be IP banned from the ENTIRE network with no appeal.7. No Advertising other servers or networks. Advertising is defined as solicitation of any server as a means to 'steal' players.

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