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OwlMC Online
Season 5!

OwlMC is a Survival Multiplayer (SMP) dedicated to providing a unique experience to our community.
We do seasonal wipes and after each season a new and different season follows. Whether it is a Vanilla Minecraft, or a modded version, you never know what each season may bring to the community!



1. No Spamming
2. No Flaming.
3. Respect all Players
4. No Racist, Sexist or Derogative Remarks.
5. Only use the Mods that are approved by the staff.
6. Must be at least 18+
7. No Griefing
8. Only use the Mods that are approved by the staff.
9. Obey Staff they’re the Law


UPDATE 6/16/2022

We are adding the Origins mod. This allows you to pick an origin and a class, giving you certain advantages and disadvantages (depending on your class).
We also added a new rule. Each build must have a story behind it. We are going for Roleplay/Lore basing this season and want to see what kind of crazy and amazing builds/stories you all will tell. You don't have to be in character (unless you want to be), but your origin and build should tell a tale. Lecterns and books can play greatly into this as well if you need to.

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