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Palterra Online
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Version: 1.01 Added 2020-01-23 06:15:31

Changelog as of 23/01/2020

- Updated Plugins
- Updated Server to 1.15.2
- Fixed the /pet command
- Enchantment Shop Level 2 now has 10 enchantments
- Changed some of the environment of spawn
- Added Andesite, Stone, Granite, Diorite and Cobblestore to the buyable blocks inside of Earthly Goods
- Added all 6 Saplings as buyable items inside of Earthly Goods
- Added Lapis, Book and Quill and Book as buyable items inside of the Enchantment Shop
- Added a Map to spawn so the player can navigate between all shops and exits
- Added the Expert, Dedicated, Wise, Veteran and Palterrian Ranks (And their varients) to the Rank Shop.
- Updated all Advices so they have a consistent color theme
- Added Buyable signs for all wools and hay inside of the spawn barn

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Server Information

Status Online
Version Paper 1.16.1
MOTD Palterra 1.16.1 Beta
Players 11/50
Categories Survival CraftBukkit Spigot PVE Economy Cracked