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Paradigm Network is a humble community to connect everyones favorite gamemodes in one, we talking about skyblocks and pvp. Our skyblocks systems is designed not just to play, build and get bored, but to enjoy. Each piece of your island can be upgraded, from the amount of spawners to the amount of hopper. But wait you can also upgrade the hoppers for a more efficient grinding. You can do quests to receive the magical crystals (Which are used to upgrade your island). Ohh man are you bored already? Not so fast we have pvp with quests to expand your island experience, but the best part is that its kitpvp so you don't loose your items. Are you ready to enbrace your power and join us in this adventure? Because i am :D

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Status Online
Version BungeeCord 1.8.x-1.17.x
MOTD ParadigmNetwork [1.17.1] Skyblock | Towny | Survival | More+
Players 0/200