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Welcome To PenguinzSkyBlock! 1.15.2

So about 6-7 months in the making and testing but I think I am at a point that I would be OK (and just OK) with releasing it fully.
My goal when creating this server is to make (as of now) a dedicated skyblock server that is easy to get into, replayable, gives good rewards, and is not pay to win.

Ofcourse you can donate for perks, but everything you can buy at the store is purchasable with in game money, and unlike every other skyblock server this is super easy to get into and start making money and grinding for island top!

I tried to find a perfect balance between too easy and boringly grindy. We also have cool and really easy to get cosmetics as well as cool Chat bubbles that appear above your head when you chat in different styles that unlock as you progress through the ranks here is a link to our discord

When you join, you will find it easy to know how to play but if for any reason you need help I am extremely responsive when I am in-game or through discord

If you find an exploit, bug, or hacker immediately message me so I can fix and it and reward you finely! If anything goes wrong with you donation purchases immediately contact me so I can refund you you're money and whatever you bought, I am an extremely generous owner and I strive to give everyone the experience I wish I could find with my passion for skyblock!

We are Constantly Striving to make more custom plugins and add those small details that we know you'll appreciate. If you have a cool idea for the server share it on discord and who knows if itll make its way onto the server!

Also I am currently looking for staff, so within the first few months as you accumulate play time message me in-game or on discord and I will be picking the mature and fun staff I hope to have some day!

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