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Discord: Link will be in-game

Who Are We?

With many different servers out there in the Minecraft Community, We wantedto bring a more close-knit community which can be free to build and exploreMinecraft in a Semi-Vanilla style. We have different worlds to aim to keep everything safeand secure. These Worlds Include: Survival, Barrens (Mining World), Creative, Shops, andFarms (for our more tech-style players).


We try to aim to keep the server as vanilla as possible, with a diamond-base currency,and a generated survival world. But to keep Minecraft less mundane, we havevarious different plugins to give players opportunities to explore new areas.Some of These include Armored Elytra's, Mob Heads, TPA, Shops, and much more.

Grief Prevention

Claim your land and give access to those you trust.This will prevent griefing and raiding to any builds you have.But keep in mind, if it not claimed, griefing and raiding is allowed (just frowned upon).This also gives our staff free time to help players, and plan features and events!


Rank up by Voting!

We have 5 voting sites, but more are to be uploaded soon.Every vote you make gets you closer to new perks, such as mob farms, /nick /workbench andso much more. You can also Donate for slightly better perks such as the option to build your ownauto-farm in the Farm's World, and the option to have /fly in the world and the end


For every vote you make, you will receive a Vote Key which is a lottery typestyle event which can give you items in-game.Donators will receive Donator Keys in weekly kits.Event Keys can be won by participating in events that will occur.But also keep in mind: Rewards may vary with events.

A Family-Safe Community

Phoenix Inferno contains people from different ages, ranging fromyounglings (6+) to more mature players (40+).Thus, foul language is prohibited on the server and any controversial topics are preferred to bein private messages, rather then the public chat.


We will be aiming to hold an event a month, and try to accommodate for people who live indifferent time zones. Although it might be difficult, we will try our best!LIST OF EVENTS WILL COME SOON

Player Shops

Player based shops are allowed to be purchased, and certain items can be sold.Please do not try to sell more then you can handle, and No Super-Markets! This is to giveall players the chance to sell items. Diamonds are used as the server currency, although a smallissue for right now, server shops must be purchased with $ Currency (which you can get by trading diamonds)


Every so often Minecraft Polls will be held to help make the server better, and to be able to votewhat we want to be added/removed from the server. You can suggest ideas, and if the Staff and Ilike it, it will be held in a Poll.

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