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PikaBlox (v1.10.2) (Pixelmon v5.1.2) FREE SHINY PIKACHU! Offline
PikaBlox (v1.10.2) (Pixelmon v5.1.2) FREE SHINY PIKACHU!

PikaBlox is a new approach to the Minecraft Pixelmon community. Unlike all other servers, we have custom plugins that manipulate Pixelmon's spawning system to allow Nether and End while allowing Pokemon levels to increase the further out you go. We have an economy system, a town system, a beautiful spawning area, and constantly updated content. Along with our survival theme, we include an RPG theme, having our own lore and an entirely new non-canon region. This region is called the Caro Region which includes our spawn, the Malia Islands. As the server progresses, we will be adding more catchable legendary Pokemon and more RPG content outside of survival. Eventually, we hope to establish that player-run towns can create their own gyms with their own custom badges.Our staff are friendly, helpful, and willing to resolve any issues that may occur. We also regularly contribute code to Sponge projects, supporting us enables our ability to support the Sponge community. Our forums and TeamSpeak 3 server can be found on our website!

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