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PrimordialMC Online
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PrimordialMC is a Survival Multiplayer server which both Java AND bedrock players can join! You can do several things while on our server. In spawn, you can use crate keys that you can purchase or vote for, do some parkour and go through the portal at the end to start your journey. While in survival you can join some friends or stay by yourself. You could also build a base and claim it. You can gear up and head into the PVP pit and fight other players or you can fight our custom mobs and bosses. They are extremely tough though, so get ready. You can also warp to our parkour courses and you can try to beat everyone else. You can also support us by buying a rank and that will boost your growth and the servers at the same time. Hope you have fun!

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Server Information

Votes 12
Version Velocity 1.7.2-1.19
Players 16/100
Categories Survival Factions McMMO No Whitelist PVE PVP Creative Parkour