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Punchwood Survival: Survival World, SMP World, Skyblock World. Free ranks and crates. Jobs, Player Shops, and Quests. Small, friendly community Join today!NEW: Skyblock and Survival World Quests!Punchwood Survival is a survival server for Minecraft 1.16.4, with 24/7 uptime. We offer some great features, some found on other servers, some more rare!What we offer:SURVIVAL WORLD:- Free to earn player ranks / Auto Rankup- Free to earn Crates! Earn them by playing actively on the server!- Player shops and shopping center! Takes 5 literal seconds to make a shop!- Well-rounded server economy- Jobs- Quests! Earn free crates and quest points by completing quests!SEASONAL WORLD:- Seasonal World resets every 2 months- Close community builds- Perfect for content creators!EXTRA FEATURES:- Friendly server community- Grief rollback protection- Community build projects- Discord community- Skyblock!Our staff team:Owner: IlluminadoAdmins: Roller / JustInHDModerators: Davin 17 / OwenVerse

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