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Purple Hierarchy Online
Purple Hierarchy
Purple Hierarchy l Survival l Semi Vanilla Adult only community

Purple Hierarchy is a new chill Adult Minecraft Economy Survival Server. We are an Adult Only Community in short we ban kids and don't feel bad about it.We are also building a drama free community. Always open to any suggestion how i can improve and make the server better experience. We have two worlds with one them been survival and the other the mining world. And if you happened to run into any issuise open up a ticket and we will address them asap  

The mining world wipes weekly, without mobs and always daylight.
This world is for gathering resource to keep the survival world looking nice. 

Grief protection and claim flags. 

We have custom jobs set up with better rewards to inculde free crate keys 

Fishing has a small chance of getting one of the many fish spawner eggs.

Donation shop items all can be earn by voting, jobs, hidden Easter eggs, and soon quest.
Or just straight up bought with in game currency. 

Custom items along with some more in the works.

Admin shop been able to buy most blocks and sell some.

Auction house, player shops and a player market area.

Some Plugins we ofter are:
Ultimate Fishing
Advanced Enchants
Automated Crafting

Players Online

Server Information

Version Paper 1.18.1
Players 1/100
Categories Survival McMMO PVE PVP Economy