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Pwing is a unique RPG and Dungeoning server with over 300 custom bosses throughout the server and a variety of different dungeons to play. We have multiple dungeons each with a unique storyline. You can start off by doing the Merlin Saga and side with Merlin, or side with Earl Lothbrok and go on a journey with the Vikings! Defeat bosses, follow an intriguing storyline and learn how to cast all sorts of new wands and spells.


If you've played the God of War game series, we even have a God of War dungeon! Defeat Medusa, Gorgons, Pandora and finally Ares, the God of War!

We have more dungeons planned and look forward to you joining us!

If your inventory gets full along the way, Pwing also offers Towny with a custom generated world that contains up to 400 biomes and all sorts of new generated structures. And just in case you get bored of questing, Pwing has a variety of minigames that you can play for cool rewards. This is what Pwing has to offer:- 1v1 Arena Fights (/arena j)- MobArena (/ma j)- Horse Racing (/horserace j)- GTA 5 / (/gta j)

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