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SuiXide Posted 3 months ago

The server is a complete waste of time and money. I bought a rank for real money and they have never given me my rank. I have asked the staff many times but they just ignored me.

Vibrators Posted 5 months ago

I just came here to leave a bad review. I joined this server because it seemed very fun, chill and laid back. Nobody was fighting, everyone was friendly and helpful for the most part. On my 4th day playing, I decided to log in to vote. In doing so, my internet DC'ed and I got logged out of MC. No problem, connected it back up and started voting again. I was mistaken.... this was an apparently an issue because when I logged in I got warned for /vote spam!!!! In case your staff don't know... Voting helps the SERVER, and if you DON'T want your server to become popular, then please keep warning your players! I could care less about the rewards. Take them away from me. But don't warn me for voting. I left the discord and server and I'll never come back. You just lost one hell of a loyal player. Good riddance and good luck.

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