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Realpolitik Remastered


Realpolitik is a geopolitical Earth server. It is a semi-roleplay server with a 1:500 Earth map. The idea is that resources are limited meaning you will need to fight over your resources. We have a custom war plugin which makes war more enjoyable.


We also try to listen as much to the community as possible.



 - A custom war plugin

 - 1:500 Earth map

 - A proximity voice plugin

 - McMMO

 - Towny

 - Open moderation log

 - Well written rules to define how people should act on the server.


Upcoming features

 -> Custom brewery recipes

 -> Custom boats with Movecraft

 -> Bedrock compatibility




Server IP :

Server version : 1.16.5   (Java)

Discord link :

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Server Information

Status Offline
Version Paper 1.16.5
MOTD A Worldbuilding Minecraft Server. [1.9-1.16]Now with [Custom War], [Towny], and much more!
Players 0/0
Categories McMMO PVP Economy Towny Roleplay