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Redemption Network has just landed! Server ip - Our server has only survival built as the other game modes are currently being built!! We are very different to any other minecraft survivl server. We offer a range of different challenges and activities to complete during your experience with redemption network. There are 9 IG player ranks to unlock and achieve, A GUI player shop, custom kits, wild teleport system, crates, grief prevention and much more! Auction house is for players who want to sell and buy items from other players. We also have a safe trading policy so there are no scams and no bad behaviour. Our rules are straight forward and easy to understand. We also have many different jobs to suit your needs and earn money to spend in our GUI shop! Parties and many other activities happen everyday on our server To help you out we have set up NPCs to help you around the server and to learn the skills we can offer. So why not come onto Redemption Network and see if our server is what you are looking for !! Any further questions please speak to server own X_Pun1sher_X Staff ranks are available too! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kind regards Luke Server Owner

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Version 1.12.2
MOTD BlurCraft Vanilla Minecraft 1.12.2
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