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hidentheshadows Server Owner Posted 1 year ago

Also, everything that can be purchased can be gotten in game through vote crates or monthly giveaways.

hidentheshadows Server Owner Posted 1 year ago

As previously stated, everything you can purchase in our online shop can be obtained in game for free through vote crates or our monthly giveaways. I can see that some are still uninformed about these changes, but leaving hate comments is not going to change anything. /enchant and /anvil are not commands that we offer. Everyone can ask a staff member to mine a spawner for them, Convenience is an option as well. We have our rank shop open to help keep the server running. I apologize to new players who come and see these comments left by people who are agitated by the fact that we have our own server, or that they were banned. I apologize for the childishness. The only person who has been banned for “speaking out against the server” was a player who blackmailed the server owner and also got another play to help him blackmail them.

CLKBlock Posted 1 year ago

Admins are allowed to spawn in whatever they want. Very abusive server They can even make their stuff in creative mode

CLKBlock Posted 1 year ago

This is a pay2win server which goes against Mojangs EULA terms and conditions for server owners. Owners/admins are abusive and have banned people for publicly talking against the server. Dont play this server.

ZeroHacks Posted 1 year ago

A cool and good semi-vanilla server to play on. I'm staff on the server and what I can tell about it, is that it's a pretty awesome and helpful staff team. Btw it's not a Pay2win server since anyone can get any donator rank we have for FREE with vote keys, and it has been proofed that you can actually get ranks from vote keys. So I suggest you to join us and give us a try, I bet you won't regret it.

ninjago900 Posted 1 year ago

Yes MartinS, it isn't Vanilla, it's Semi-Vanilla because of plugins that add things like claim blocks. And it isn't a pay to win. Yes, you can pay money that goes to the server to get ranks or claim blocks but that's to help the server stay up. Without the perks, no one would donate and the owners wouldn't be able to pay for the server without anyone donating at all. Plus, paying money isn't the only way to get a rank, it's just the easiest. When you vote, you get a vote key which you can use on a crate. You can get a few different things but the rarest things are ranks. It's still possible to get them without paying but it's hard and all luck based. This is a new thing though so at this moment, it's not completely set up. Also, there will be competitions once in a while that if you win, you could get a rank.

MatinS Posted 1 year ago

This is not a vanilla server whatsoever! This is a PAY 2 WIN server! To be able to play this server, you gotta pay for the ability to do /feed /heal /anvil /enchant and many more abusive and unfair commands! Also, you cant get spawners unless you pay2win! Find a better free to play server to spend your time on!

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