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Hello! This server is based off of hermitcraft. There is some datapacks like multiplayer sleep, double shulker drops, player head drops, and few other datapacks, these are all from vanilla tweaks! We also have a shopping district just like hermitcraft. We also have a head mod where you can have thousands of heads, it is a really neat mod. Lastly we have a achievments mod where there is so more achievments to go for! Contact TimmyShenanigans#1262, Jess - Snowy#6886, or Collide#2889 on discord to start enlisting to join our server. You have to be 15 years old or older to be able to join. Once you contact us we will have a sheet of questions that we would like you to awnser (Be Honest Please). We will also talk to you about the rules for the server contact one of us on discord. Thanks For Reading!

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