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Simple Prison - Classic Prison Offline
IP: SimplePrison.ComA Brief Description: SimplePrison is RolePlay,PVP and Economy based experience for players. You Have to over power other prisoners and either dominate them in PVP or make friends with them. You can buy and sell items or mine and chop down trees that can be sold in the shop for currency that can be used to rank up in game. Upon doing so, you gain access to new areas in the prison with new mines , farms and even a more plots that can be purchased to live in. By repeating this process , you can eventually rank up to Free and actually leave the prison and enter the free world, make teams, and bases and you can also come back to the prison anytime to PvP. Want to take a different approach? You can also apply in game with /Apply in order to earn the Guard rank which is used in order to help prisoners and make sure everything is in line. Guards are there to take contraband and protect the prisoners.Credit:SimplePrison Is a classic Prison Server Where you can mine, PvP, Sell items and vote for daily rewards.

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Status Offline
Version Spigot 1.9.4
MOTD -----------[ Simple Prison ]----------- Prison done the right way!
Players 0/0
Categories Survival Spigot Factions Prison PVE PVP RPG Economy