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SimplyCrafted Towny 1.16.4

I just started this server up a couple of months ago. I always played on a server called SimplyCrafted growing up on Minecraft. It was a Towny plugin based server that was somewhat popular back around 2012-2015 or so. My young self loved every minute of playing on that server, the community in the town I was apart of drove me to help the town in many ways, grind for my own benefit, and to learn about all of the fun things I am able to do in Minecraft. Owning my own plot within a busy town on that server was so much fun as a kid for many reasons. It made the game such a pleasant experience and that is why I have created a server in hopes to bring back those days for myself and anyone else that misses the good Towny servers. We have a world dedicated for Towny and also have a world in development for OG Hunger Games with the map from 2012 and a Spleef minigame setup that is fully functional. We have no upkeep for towns or nations and no tax because we dont like towns getting deleted. Thank you for reading through and I hope youll take the time to pop into the server :PPlugins installed on server: EasyRTP, Seasons, BellTower, ModReq, Vault, LightAPI, Essentials, DynamicLights, Multiverse, AudioConnect, Spleef, LockettePro, TimeIsMoney, HungerGames, Towny, Jobs, SilkSpawners  Update from 12/02/2020 Our server has grown quite a bit recently...and by that I mean we have had maybe 7-10 active members online throughout most days. Not much but to me it is a very exciting time! The server is growing so much more by each day, Recently, we have added: Voting PluginsVote LootCrate PluginsLootCrates for Donation Ranks (Still in development)MobStacking Plugins to reduce lagClearLag for more lag reductionand not a plugin but we also are building a player shop hub at spawn so players can sell items there for easy access by all players! :D Our community has been having a lot of fun recently, We still have a long way to go with many more features to come to the server as we smooth out overall performance with larger players online at once.

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