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Welcome to the SlimeyPlayz Server; a fun, safe place for players of all ages and levels of players. Are you brand new to Minecraft? We are the place for you! Are you an expert with Minecraft? We, still, are the place for you! Our server features a variety of different gamemodes for all sorts of players. We are constantly adding new things that our members are sure to love. We currently run over 100 plugins all aimed to help better the visitors' experience on our server. A few of these will be mentioned below! We, unlike most servers, are NOT a pay-to-win server! Instead, we believe in a more traditional play-to-win approach! We offer 7 player ranks all achieved based on your activity. The more you play, the higher you rank.

When you arrive on the server, you start of as a Peasant. You must be online for at least 1 hour, and also must vote, at least one, to be promoted to the next rank, Peasant+. Being a Peasant, like it was in the medieval time, isn't so easy. You're considered the bottom of the food chain and must work your way up. You can visit each of our various gamemodes, but need to rank up in order to fully enjoy them. Because we don't believe in a pay-to-win ideal, our server is based on an in-game economy, which rewards your playing. For example, we have daily rewards so it encourages you to come on at least once a day. If you do, you are rewarded for being loyal to us. We feature a few item-shops to help gain money, and even reward you for completing challenges. We are constantly adding more to help improve the server.

Our server isn't like most. We don't thrive off of one featured gamemode; we like to stress each of them separately. We have a whole host of different games for our players to enjoy. We offer 2 creative free-build worlds where you claim a plot (one is 101x101 blocks and the other is 201x201). On this plot you can add your friends and enjoy building together. Being a Peasant isn't fun, since you don't have the perks of WorldEdit, but it can easily be achieved by ranking up. Our second most prominent feature are our survival worlds. We offer a free roaming Survival world protected from griefing. We have a variety of hidden features in this world such as Infernal Mobs with custom drops, Custom villagers with trades, RPG Style effects to make the game more realistic, and much more. The second survival themed world is Factions. In this world you are free to raid and grief bases as you like, while expanding your territory and taking over the weak. Grow your claim on the world by going to war with other factions. Become the strongest you can. The next part of our server is Parkour. We offer over 25 custom built parkour maps. Unlike most servers, building maps isn't just left to the staff. All players can come design their own maps and publish them for everyone to play. The next thing we have is a building contest. We host a building contest with a different theme each time. The best build is voted on and receives a variety of rewards such as a rank promotion, custom loot, and even monetary rewards. Next up is our SkyBlock world. We have revamped it to make it even better than usual. We took a bunch of ideas from the modpack SkyFactory by BaconDonut, and incorporated them into ours. We have custom recipes, all shown at the Learning area. We even have Reward Crates with various item rewards such as grass and dirt, the most important aspects to SkyBlock. We also have custom item drops such as Grass Seeds which turn dirt into grass. Finally, we have Minigames. The minigames we have range to a variety of different skill-sets. If you're a good builder, we suggest trying BuildBattle. You essentially are given a topic and have to build the best themed build possible. If you're a good fighter we have both PVP and SkyWars. If you have good reaction skills try out BlockParty. It's basically musical chairs with blocks! A few other games we have are Paintball and BlockHunt. In paintball you're assigned a team and have to hit the other team with your "paintball" without getting hit yourself. BlockHunt is hide and seek, somewhat like PropHunt™ from Garry's Mod©. You're assigned a block to hide as, and must do so without getting killed by the seeker. We're adding loads more such as Murder Mystery in Minecraft (adapted from Trouble In Terrorist Town™) and others. Our server relies on you, our players. We are open to suggestions and criticism! Come join our website if you have questions, comments, tips, etc.

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→ Friendly Staff ←
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→ Balanced Economy ←
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[1] No Griefing (raiding in Factions is allowed)
[2] No Spamming
[3] No Advertising
[4] No Cursing/Bypassing chat filter.
[5] No Asking for OP, Ranks, Money, Items, etc.

[6] Respect all Players.
[7] Obey Staff. Their word is final.
[8] No Racist or Sexist Remarks.
[9] No Mods/Hacks.
[10] Only speak English.
[11] Be appropriate
[12] Do not build Anti-AFK Machines or Redstone Clocks.
[13] No abusing glitches/bugs.
[14] No impersonating staff members.
Account sharing of any account is not suggested. Our server uses a 'your account-your responsibility' policy.

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