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Spooncraft Online

Spooncraft is a Community Survival server currently running 1.13.1. Spooncraft is set up for players to have fun building and playing in survival mode.Focused on being a fun place to play the game the server is packed with cool features that add to minecraft instead of changing it completely. Our custom items are built using a crafting table just like any vanilla item, using vanilla items!

  • the Hammer, which mines a 3x3 area!
  • Double Axes to chop down a whole tree!
  • All kinds of materials for items and armor!     Wood | Stone | Gold | Clay | End Stone | Lapis Lazuli | Redstone | Emeralds

Along with creating a fun place to play we have also allowed players to create claims, using a golden shovel, to protect important parts of your build. Its super easy to do and instructions are given in chat as you play! Claims are limited in size to the number of Claim Blocks you have earned while playing. How do you earn them? Log on and play! You'll start with 100 blocks to use for your first claim and earn about 100 blocks per hour. (more if you have a Rank!) You can resize your claim at anytime or create a new claim at another area! Claims can also be divided into smaller sections so you can share your builds with others without the risk of players breaking things!

We have tons of other features too:

  • TPA commands
  • 2 Sethomes for every player
  • Shulker box Backpacks
  • Flight command for donors
  • A sweet Discord server
  • Grief Prevention
  • Region Post travel system
  • Holiday events!
  • Custom Data Packs!
  •   Mob have a chance to drop heads
  •   No enderman griefing
  •   Customizable Armor Stands
  •   Multiplayer sleeping (ignores AFK players!)
  • Literally so may things I cant begin to list them all

Come check out the server! My name is Spooner and I am always available via discord or in game. Let's play Minecraft together!

We are looking for players who enjoy playing with others and building a community. We welcome any experience level! We welcome all ages but expect all players to be respectful of each other. 

- Griefing is not allowed.
- No bullying or hate speech. 
- No hacked, glitched, or cracked clients.
- No X-ray type modifications or resource packs.

Players Online

Server Information

Status Online
Version BungeeCord 1.8.x-1.15.x
MOTD Terrain MC | survival network | Ether & Spooncraft
Players 0/99