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[PVE] {1.17.1} {MCMMO} {Custom Enchantments} {Economy} {Claims} {Grief Prevention} {DynaMap} {Shops} {Multi-World} {Vehicles} {Ranks} {MCMMO} {Guilds}

Do you Enjoy playing Survival? We do too! Checkout our fully custom server, - SteamCraftMC! SteamCraftMC is a Survival Experience but with added features, We offer many exiting plugins to help make Survival Enjoyable for everyone. This is a Mature server with most players being adults, with this being so most players are active later in the day and evenings

.Key features: Primarily we are a survival server with cool features such as

  •  Guilds - Create a Guild and Make Ally's or go to War with other Guilds, Create your Kingdom and run a City and Economy for Trading. PVP is only done in the Resource worlds or PVP arena NO Raiding in the main worlds they are PVP free.
  •  Custom Worlds & Resource Worlds - PVP is only in the Resource worlds.
  •  Dungeons with bosses & Custom Loot
  • Compainion pets. Get a Companion and unlock ability's for it to help you play, Collect them all.
  •  MCMMO
  •  Custom Enchantments with over 150 Enchantments to unlock and use
  •  Custom Ranks
  •  Player run Shopping Districts for creating a active Economy
  •  Vehicles, Unlock a Plane to travel or a Mining Drill to Drill for ores
  •  Land Claims - Claim your land to protect it
  •  Jobs - Looking for a great way to make money, join some jobs.
  •  Rewards - We have Daily / Weekly / Monthly Reward system
  •  Big Doors (moving blocks to make huge doors like a draw bridge or Large doors)
  •  Resource Mines - Located at the main spawn city we have many resource mines
  •  MiniGame world - If you need a break from Normal MC you can jump into are MiniGame world and do some PVPing / Paintball / TNTRun / Prophunt.

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  •  Discord:

Server is run by I.T pros in there off time along with a Dev team for new custom plugins for the server. Most players are adults and the most active time starts around 5 PM CST. We also have a growing player base so come join and have fun, we would love to meet more new players. This server is 100% funded on a fully dedicated server by owners and will not be a pay to play donation server.

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